Fit for Service: Meeting the demand of the Asian middle class

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Fit for Service

Meeting the demand of the Asian middle class

R G Menzies Essay  5

Andrew Bragg

Series Editor: Nick Cater

Foreword by the Hon Andrew Robb AO

Published January 2017

Paperback, 88 pages, $19.95

ISBN 978-1-925501-37-7

Australia’s prosperity is built upon free, open markets and creative trade policy. At a time of increasing protectionism, our North Asian trade agreements open the door to increased service exports to the region’s rapidly growing middle class. But does Australia have what it takes to capitalise on these deals? Fit For Service examines what Australia must do to succeed in exporting the know-how that is disrupting the 21st century.

Andrew Bragg is the director of policy and research at the Menzies Research Centre. He is also the head of the Enterprise Policy Unit which backs Australians taking risks to invest and employ people. An accountant by profession, Andrew spent the past three years as head of policy at the Financial Services Council, one of Australia's leading industry bodies. Andrew’s passion for public policy stems from his belief a strong economy is the basis of a just and prosperous society. He regularly contributes on economic issues in the Australian Financial Review and The Australian as well as on radio and television. Primarily Andrew researches and discusses budget management and taxation, federalism, competitiveness and trade, financial services as well as superannuation and demographic change. Andrew believes these economic policies should drive a competitive and sustainable nation for our children.

Price: $19.95

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