Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics

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Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics

Tim Wilson, Carlo Carli and Paul Collits

ISBN: 9781922168771

420 pages, Paperback, $34.95

Released Mid-October, 2013

Democracy is about choice. But today it can appear to be a choice between personalities as major political parties squabble over different shades of the same policy. Is the great political contest of ideas over? Or are the divisions less obvious than they once were?

How does the left balance competing ideas like free speech and avoiding offence? Why do classical liberals want to abolish the ABC and Australian Institute of Sport? And where do the left, liberals and conservatives agree, and why?

Turning left or right asks these questions, breaks through the wall of sound bites and explores how century-old political philosophies connect to practical policy for the 21st Century.

Each chapter includes three essays from some of Australia’s most engaged political thinkers who explore contemporary policy issues, find the dividing lines and reinject values and ideas. Importantly, every author’s essay provides insight into the solutions they think are needed to make Australia a better country for future generations. 

Introduction (Carlo Carli, Paul Collits, Tim Wilson)

Left perspective (Carlo Carli)
Classical liberalism (Tim Wilson)
Conservatism (Paul Collits)

Big or small: multicultural or multi-racial?
Bronwyn Hinz
Ainslie van Onselen
Alexander Downer

Should we respond to climate change?
David Redfearn
Tim Wilson
Ian Plimer

Should we cooperate internationally?
Andrew Hewett
Alan Oxley
Michael O'Connor

Why should government get in the way of business?
Martin Foley
Judith Sloan
Peter Murphy

Does one generation have a responsibility to the next?
Mike Hill
Charles Kemp
Greg Melleuish

Are workers just another commodity?
Ged Kearney
Ken Phillips
Ray Evans

Should we take anything foreigners throw at us?
Tristan Ewins
Sinclair Davidson
Tony Makin

Where does the private domain start and the public end?
Phillip Bain
Michael Keane
Miranda Kiraly

What's the future of school education?
Bill Hannan
Ryan Bolger
Kevin Donnelly

When did kids become a social investment?
Siobhan Hannan
Adam Creighton
Kevin Andrews

What are the limits of free speech?
Larry Stillman
Simon Breheny
Greg Melleuish

How much should we provide for a fair society?
Phillip Moran
Julie Novak
Gary Johns

What's wrong with our universities?
Jeannie Rea
Julian Lesser
Peter Murphy

Can regional Australia expected to be treated equally?
Stefano de Pieri
Louise Staley
Barnaby Joyce

Do we want cheaper housing or nicer streets?
Chris Anderson
Gareth Ward
Bob Day

Why should we be forced to pay for culture and sport?
Alan Austin
Christian Kerr
Jai Martinkovits

How should we govern our big brown country?
Edward Bates
Dean Smith
Scott Prasser

Can we really all be equal?
Carlo Carli
Christine Forster
David Van Gend

Can we ever reconcile our past?
Jenne Perlstein
Peter van Onselen
Gary Johns

Price: $34.95

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