HOPEFUL PLACES: Migration and belonging in an unpredictable era

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Migration and belonging in an unpredictable era

Edited by Chris McConville

Paperback, 313 pages
ISBN: 9781925138573
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“Low income, poor education and related difficulties” diminish the lives of native-born and immigrant, and remain largely unaltered by an emphasis on cultural retention and national migration policy. Perhaps in the end, Gans’s criterion remains the only useful measure of migration policy, and a sense of belonging; that regardless of official statements about multiculturalism or embrace of difference, and in the face of continued marginality, a successful settlement is one that survives as “by and large a good place to live”.
- From the Introduction

Chapters include:
* Paula Fernandez Arias -- Resettlement as an identity-building process
* Dvir Abramovich -- Exiled Citizens: Holocaust remembrance in the first decade of Israeli statehood and the gradual shift in attitudes in the 1980s
* Irene Bouzo -- Adaptation after displacement: A case study of the Temple Society Australia
* Gemma Tulud Cruz -- Living in the Interstice: An Asian case of Contestations against marginalisation
* Mike Dee -- Urban public space and the marginalisation of children and young people
* Johannes Pieters -- Recovering from bushfire related housing loss; lessons from Susan’s journey to home
* Vivian Gerrand and Yusuf Sheikh Omar -- The Arts as cultural and identity resources for Somali youth in Australia: Nadia Faragaab’s “Kronologies
* Christopher Sommer -- A place apart? The representation of place, identity and displacement in the special exhibition “The Mixing Room” at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa
* Marsha Berry and Catherine Gomes -- Pinning poetry to place: making sense of place in the Pilbara
* Brigitte Lewis -- If I’m not using rationality to know, then who am I?
* Robert Pascoe and Michael Deery -- Representations of culture: research structures for textual, graphic, aural and moving image sources
* Karen Berger -- Finding belonging in an uncountry

About the Editor
Chris McConville is Senior Research Fellow, CRIC, Federation University Australia. He has previously worked at the University of the Sunshine Coast and Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Price: $29.95

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