Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence - Stephanie Jarrett

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Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence

Dr Stephanie Jarrett

Paperback, 397 pages

ISBN: 9781922168139

Release Date: January 25, 2013

Foreword by Bess Nungarrayi Price

"We need to support those who tell the truth"
Bess Nungarrayi Price

There is a reluctance to scrutinise and address the fundamental cultural generators of Aboriginal violence. Where violence is seen as part of culture, too often it is defended as the culture’s “right” to practice it. Above all, the separatist self-determination model maintains customs that are dangerous, particularly to women and young people. Hence, if we keep to a separatist, self-determination model, we will keep having to have crisis responses, major enquiries and interventions, and decades more of assaulted Aboriginal women and young people facing the terrible dilemma of abandoning their country, their community, to get some safety.

Reducing Aboriginal violence entails fundamental cultural change. This book explores ways that, in a spirit of compassion and recognition of universal human rights, the nation can assist remote Aboriginal people live successfully within, or to have frequent, welcoming, positive interaction with, mainstream culture, so that acquisition of the mainstream’s higher intolerance for violence can occur.

Dr Stephanie Jarrett’s University of Adelaide Politics-Geography PhD, mid 1990s, critically examined Aboriginal domestic violence policy. She has maintained her concern regarding policy failure to address Aboriginal violence within community self-determination precepts. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies, University of Adelaide.



Price: $32.95

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