Tortured Tales of a Collingwood Tragic - James Gilchrist

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Tortured Tales of a Collingwood Tragic

James Gilchrist

Connor Court Publishing

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ISBN: 9781921421877

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"You can feel the passion with every word. The best Collingwood story I've put my hands on." Joffa

"As a boy, James Gilchrist tried to “think” his Pies to the top of the ladder. As an adult, he enters a fog-like haze when they get near the top of the ladder. In Tortured Tales..., Gilchrist takes us through a Collingwood fan's journey into Magpie hell and back again. It describes a wonderful affliction, a vital madness. Hang your scarf out the window and enjoy the ride." Paul Daffey

"A little Nick Hornby, a little Frank McCourt, a lot of the glorious irrationality of life as a football fan, effortlessly realised. You don't have to be a Collingwood fanatic to feel this book as you read it - but it helps!" Greg Baum, The Age

"Every football supporter will relate to this passionate Collingwood fan's reminiscences of days gone by, the highs and lows, the disappointments and triumphs and the tales of events so clear and important in the author's life. This is a brilliantly expressed book and love them or hate them a true reflection of a Collingwood supporter’s feelings." Peter McKenna - Collingwood Legend

"James' sense of humour and grasp of the texture of Aussie Rules ... is most impressive ... It's a pleasure to read a book as entertaining and wide-ranging as it is well-written."

Bruce Dawe AO -  influential Australian poet

“What could drive a man to devise such a cunning plan as to watch his team contest a Grand Final via the diagonal lines of the AFL website match simulator? In these pages ancient secrets are bestowed.”
Gerard Whately -  ABC Grandstand and Fox Footy

During the 2010 drawn Grand Final, James Gilchrist received no less than 47 text-messages of support or concern, more than he had received for his wedding, his fortieth birthday or the birth of his 3 children. To each, his wife wearily relayed the text: "unable 2 respond right now but thank u 4 your support and encouragement at this tense and difficult time." When the game reached its epic conclusion and he remained cemented to the couch like a paralysed gargoyle, the phone finally rang. The first caller asked whether he had jumped off the balcony yet to which she replied. "No, but I’m about to push him."

Tortured Tales of a Collingwood Tragic is the story of one boy’s struggle to become a man in spite of the pain of drawn grand-finals, boundary-line incidents, the schoolyard taunts of Carlton-loving scumbags and even the awkwardness of coming to terms with his own supporters.

James Gilchrist grew up playing and loving sport in the regional town of Creswick, Central Victoria. He went to school at St. Pat's, Ballarat before studying at Melbourne University and becoming a teacher of history. After years of full-time teaching, reading and travel he wrote a successful comedy about teachers Caution Teachers Crossing for the 2001 Melbourne Fringe Festival. This was followed by a prize-winning short-story in 2006, The’76 Peter Moore, featuring a chapter drawn from his present Collingwood memoir. James has written several comedic chapters for The Footy Almanac publication and website as a suffering Magpie fan. Several of these have been highlighted and read by John Harms and Gerard Whately in wider forums including ABC Grandstand Football. In 2009 he published his first book, Wednesday Warriors (Connor Court Publishing) about a season and a century with the St. Pat's First XVIII. Tortured Tales of a Collingwood Tragic represents his second book and long-term passion. James lives in Fairfield, Victoria with wife Gillian and children Amelie, Charlie and Imogen. He teaches at Genazzano College and likes to think he knows Harry O’Brien.

Price: $29.95

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