Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines– Please read carefully!


Yes, we accept submissions and are on the lookout for our next best seller!


However, we do get overwhelmed by the amount of submissions and therefore we cannot respond to all submissions. We will consider all projects and if we like your project, we will contact you. If we do not contact you within 90 days, then your submission has been unsuccessful. Anything you post to us, without a SSE, will not be returned.


For works of Fiction, New Age books, Prayer books, Private Revelations, True Crime, Poetry and books in languages other than English, send your submission to our new imprint THE PUBLISHER'S APPRENTICE.


To submit a proposal to Connor Court Publishing post the following information to PO BOX 7257, REDLAND BAY, QLD 4165

Please include the following:

  • We'll need your curriculum vitae or resume. If you are proposing a contributed volume, please include affiliations and, if possible, brief resumes for each of the contributors, as well as your own c.v.

  • Also send a prospectus. The prospectus should include a description of the book, what makes it unique and why you are qualified to write it; an analysis of competing or similar books (including publishers and dates); a description of your target audience (undergraduate or graduate students? scholars? Professionals?); an indication of whether any of the material in the book has been previously published, and if so, when and where; the names of other publishers to whom you have submitted a proposal (if relevant); the length of the manuscript in 12 point type on double-spaced 8 1/2 by 11 pages; and, if the manuscript is not complete, an estimation of when it will be finished.

  • A simple plan on how this book could be marketed. List groups and potential networks.

  • Please also send a detailed table of contents.

  • Include one or two sample chapters. If an introduction or overview is available, please include it.

  • Please do not send your entire manuscript. If we would like to see the complete manuscript, we will let you know.

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